• Reversible or non-reversible
  • Sensitive (0.04% – 1/100 LFL)
  • Convenient and very low cost
  • Positive indication of both the presence or absence of Hydrogen
  • Inherently safe
  • No instrumentation needed

Tested by National Labs (Passive Leak Detection Using Commercial Hydrogen Colorimetric Indicator, Technical Report NREL/TP-5400-66570 September 2016, Kevin Hartmann, William Buttner,
Robert Burgess, and Carl Rivkin)

Hydrogen Detection Perfected

Element One offers a low-cost hydrogen indicating system based on a simple chemochromic hydrogen detector that visually indicates the presence—or absence—of hydrogen. Uses include decals, paint, protective gear, equipment or piping, and these sensors can be produced at a fraction of the cost of conventional electronic detection systems.

Hannover Messe Presentation